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The eight best festive treats from the one and only Poundland

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Left the flat decorating to the last minute and can’t make it to Ikea? Fear not friends. What if we told you that you could buy all the festive treats needed to Christmas-ify your flatshare, from the one and only Poundland? And better yet, the whole haul will cost under £15?

Okay, while we can’t promise that all of these are tasteful (some of them are there for pure lols), we can promise that they’ll bring joy to look at. And after all, isn’t joy what Christmas is all about?

Behold: the Poundland haul. Carefully chosen by one brave SpareRoomer (me).

1) The tinsel tree

Because who even needs a real tree, when you can have a cone made out of tinsel instead?!

2) The glowing gift

AKA: your £1 ticket out of the house Secret Santa. A light, that looks like a present. MIND = BLOWN.

3) The glittery stag

Surprisingly tasteful (yet predictably badly made) glittery stag seeks flatshare to call home for Xmas 2017 and beyond.

4) The typography plaque

This one's great because it really encourages the existential question: what do you really believe in? World peace? Excess Quality Street? All of the mulled wine?!

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5) The Fairisle stocking

In an actually fashionable Fairisle print, this stocking is a great addition to fireplaces (read: walls) and it's more than ready to be filled with giant presents. Or giant feet. You choose.

6) The naughty elf

Is there anything more terrifying to scare your flatmates with at nighttime than this "Naughty Elf"? £1 of neverending lols right there...

7) The British one

Brits love tea. And Christmas. So what's not to love about this Santa mug? Includes a giant pocket which is great for very giant cookies, or mince pies. We'd even go as far to say you could fit a couple of roasties in there...

8) The baubletastic wreath

And last but certainly not least: this joy-inducing wreath. Okay this one technically might be £5 (a rip off for Poundland), but can you really put a price on feeling a festive quiver of excitement whenever you're face-to-face with your own front door? We think not.


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