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5 ways to revamp your bedroom for a better night's sleep

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It’s World Sleep Day this month, so what better time to share tips on how to achieve a solid night's sleep.

Whether it’s struggling to nod off, or waking at 4am and subsequent tossing and turning until your alarm rings, we know the struggle all too well.

Sleep is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing. Getting your recommended 8 hours allows your body time to recover and can improve productivity, mood and even metabolism.

We all know the tried and tested methods. Ditch the coffee, swapping the screen for a book…chamomile tea anyone? But did you know your bedroom decor and setup can impact your sleep too?

1. Declutter & destress

Clutter affects our ability to focus and sleep. A messy room is a to-do list staring you in the face.

Bedrooms full of junk can make your mind feel like it’s full of junk too. Every time you look at your room you see unfinished tasks (and broken promises to tidy up). The solution? TIDY IT. Tackle the messy chair in the corner (we all know the one), rid your room of rubbish, and your mind will feel so much better.

You could even make it a semi satisfying activity…Think storage baskets/trinket pots/drawer organisers. Can it get much better?!

2. Soften up

If you flatshare, chances are you’re using a mattress that came with the bed and we get it – because mattresses are really expensive.

But a rogue spring poking in your back can really kill your chance of getting 8 hours in. So, if you think your mattress has been in the property for a decade and it’s well past its sell-by date, flag it up with your landlord..

And if your landlord simply isn't playing ball, or you got a freebie you can’t afford to replace - All is not lost. A good mattress topper can really help you out.

Failing that, turning or flipping your mattress might help too!

3. Black out

Glowy street lamps, hall lights, or the classic blue LED… excess light coming into your bedroom means more things that could wake you up. Darkness is sacred - why do you think cavemen slept so well?!

The modern day answer = better curtains. Look for ones that are lined, and preferably in a darker colour. It’s worth spending a little more here too – higher thread count = less holes for light to peek through. Failing that, try a self-adhesive blackout sticker. Let there be darkness!

4. Stay cool

Obviously throwing the heating up to full whack, wearing cosy socks and getting under two blankets feels like the cosiest thing in the world – but falling asleep in an extra toasty room can actually be detrimental to a good night’s sleep.

This is because during sleep, your body temperature drops – and an overly hot bedroom can prevent this from happening.

The fix? Try losing a blanket or layer. It might feel like you’re a little cooler when drifting off, but you’ll probably find you’re out for longer – and better. Can’t bear to lose your bed socks? Open the window a tad and let some cool air circulate through the night.

5. Harmonise

So bear with us on this one…There's a lot to be said for feng shui, and the impact a room’s layout can have on your mood.

Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no harm in trying a feng shui-approved layout and seeing how it helps. The ancient Chinese guidelines state that your bed should be in a “commanding position” diagonally from the door, but not in line with the door. Having a bedside table either side of the bed can bring a sense of balance (and extra storage space), and have the bed against a strong wall for “support”.


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