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Time to move in together?

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Everyone knows rents are rising and the cost of living crisis is making things tricky. But what does that really mean for renters? One thing we discovered from a recent poll was that lots of people are considering moving in with their partners earlier than planned, as a way to save money.

It makes sense, two people sharing a room means half the rent and only 1 Netflix subscription - win-win!

But it's not just about the financial gains. Living together as part of a flatshare can be a great way to get the best of both worlds – getting more time together but with the added bonus of other people around for when you need a little bit of space.

Before you decide on whether it's time, we thought we’d reveal a few of the quirks and surprising discoveries you might experience living with your partner…

1. You'll find out about their weird obsessions (and they'll find out about yours)

Thought your Love Island obsession was a secret? Not so secret anymore…

2. You'll have a disagreement over cooking methods

Scrambled eggs in the microwave vs. scrambled eggs in the pan?! We can only hope you manage to find common ground.

3. Your bed will start to feel much smaller

What was sleep even like without a flailing limb getting up in your face at 2am?

4. Netflix cheating = the ultimate betrayal

...So you're now forbidden from watching ANY of your regular shows alone.

5. Get ready for the drunken wake up

Expect them to rock up after work drinks, boozy AF and apparently incapable of getting themselves into your bed quietly. But hey, who doesn’t love a midnight chat with an incoherent partner?

6. There will be sacrifices

You'll no doubt have to make some serious compromises when condensing two bedrooms into one. Is that throw worth the battle? Ikea will become your new best friend.

7. Embarrassing things will happen

You’ll never forget the first fart...

8. There will be a disagreement or two

Most likely around the following: whose turn it was to cook, whose turn it was to do the laundry, or whose forgotten to pay their share of the bills. Which is also when you’ll say a silent prayer of gratitude for your other flatmates, and always having someone else to vent to.

9. You'll become masters of discretion

Your "romantic time" will never have been so quiet...

10. You’ll talk about food - endlessly….

90% of your Whatsapps to each other throughout the day will be around this topic.

11. New in-jokes will be born

And you’ll be able to communicate them to each other with just a look. Which basically makes you your own little club of two in the flatshare #cute/#annoying.

12. You'll find new ways to grind their gears

“Oh, so you don’t like it when I forget to rinse after I shave? I had no idea…”

13. A new side of yourself will be revealed

All hail loungewear, scruffy hair and cosy PJs.

14. Date nights will change forever

Expect to replace your old dinners and cinema trips with pizza and movies in bed. And expect to be more than happy about it.

15. But ultimately, you'll probably become closer than ever

There's no one you'd rather share your rent (and room…and Netflix subscription) with.


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