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How to decorate your home in Living Coral

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This just in: the experts at Pantone have just announced their colour of the year for 2019 – Living Coral.

Described as a “sociable and spirited” hue, this vibrant orange/pink/terracotta shade is meant to “welcome and encourage lighthearted activity”. Which is how we’d like to describe our homes too, really...


So being the trendy, sophisticated types that we are, we’ve come up with some easy ways to inject a bit of coral into your home. Let’s make 2019 the year of stylish interiors, shall we?


Coral accents

As tempting as it can be to let loose and paint one of your walls coral, that’s a quick route to falling out with your landlord forever (and losing your deposit). Instead, try adding some clever colourful pops – new cushions for the sofa, coasters, blankets, trays and other vibrant trinkets will all work well.

Get the look:

Velvet cushion cover – H&M, £6.99

Pom pom throw – Dunelm, £10

Geometric coasters – Etsy, £11.63

Round tray – Trouva, £36.52


Vibrant wall art

Investing in art is one of the best ways to brighten your walls up, and add a subtle Living Coral influence to a room. Frame simply with a white frame, and don’t forget to use Command strips to avoid any damage.

Get the look:

Coral peony poster – Desenio, £6.95

Marble print picture – Fy, £14

Abstract polka dot print – Fy, £14

Leaf print poster – Cult Furniture, £25


A brighter bedroom

Changing up your bed linen is a really easy way to hop on a new interiors trend with minimal commitment. So go ahead and make 2019 the year of coral tinted snoozes – with any luck you’ll wake up with all those sociable and spirited vibes too…

Get the look:

Grid print coral bed linen – from £42, Seymour’s Home

Triangle print duvet set – £50, Habitat

Happy decorating!

Image credits: Pinterest, Keila Hötzel


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