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Feeling stressed? Meditate with us and some puppies...

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It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a pretty stressful year for most of us, so far. All the COVID-19 uncertainty has definitely had us looking for ways to ease our stress – and while many are turning to mindfulness colouring books, yoga and their favourite Netflix box sets, we’ve come up with something a little bit cuter to help get our zen on…

Having a pet for company is a tried and tested stress-busting method – a cuddle and play with a pup can be a great remedy for anxiety. But for most renters, having a furry friend at home just isn’t an option. Only 8% of room ads in the UK* said they'd consider allowing pets.

So we’ve created the perfect solution: an at-home guided mediation video, featuring a cast of beautiful dogs.

Yep, you read that right. The video features uplifting (and let’s face it, seriously cute) videos of pups sleeping, playing, and running – while a relaxing voiceover guides you through a meditation class. You’ll get to enjoy some of the benefits of owning a dog – like their natural therapeutic powers and soothing presence – without the commitment of owning one IRL.

This five minute class is perfect for both beginners and pro meditators, and will bring a sense of calm, mindfulness and stillness to your day. And even if meditating isn't your thing – who wouldn’t want to watch five whole minutes of cute puppies, being cute?!

The last few months at home have made things like gardens, space to work and the ability to have a pet even more important. So while this might seem like a fluffy (pun intended) idea, it really does reinforce the importance of feeling truly relaxed and at home wherever you live.

Now, everyone repeat after me: “ommmm”...

*% based on UK room offered ads on SpareRoom IN Q2 2020.

Image credit: @saekinomao.


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