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11 things that will probably happen in your flatshare this festive season

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Ah, Christmas. A time of love, forgiveness, and stuffing your face with as much food as humanly possible.

I think we can all say none of us had a normal Christmas last year. Plans changed with restrictions in place, and the lack of certainty this year is causing some of us to rethink our Christmas plans for 2021.

However, no matter where you’re spending Christmas, or who you’re spending it with, the run up to Christmas with flatmates is never dull. Here are a few things that may well happen in your flatshare this festive season:

  1. Someone will start playing Christmas music on a loop ALL THE TIME. At least one flatmate will protest that it’s too early and festive argument #1 will ensue to a soundtrack of All I Want For Christmas Is You.

  2. You and your flatmates will watch every single Christmas movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime within the first two weeks of December, including rewatching The Holiday and Love Actually three times. Jude Law and Hugh Grant. Need I say more?

  3. Someone will steal a load of decorations from their family home to bring back for the flat. A bauble for £14 in John Lewis?! We’d rather spend our money at the pub thanks. Priorities.

  4. Then you’ll all give in and buy some tinsel to spruce up the flat a bit more. No matter how tacky it may look, it’s still festive AF.

  5. There’ll be multiple occasions when one or more flatmates will return home in the small hours from work drinks – drunk on baubles, Baileys and banter…oh and oversharing to colleagues.

  6. You’ll all plan to attend a Christmas Carol service at the local church, attempting to be all wholesome and festive. However, Sunday will come around and the thought of being severely hungover in church singing Silent Night is NOT a vibe.

  7. You’ll organise a flatmate Christmas dinner, which will be fraught with problems. An overcooked, dry turkey, underdone crunchy vegetables and a tray of burnt roasties will leave you all questioning yourselves, and your skills as adults.

  8. In spite of the culinary fail, you’ll all dutifully eat your dinner together and pretend it’s the BEST thing ever. Or at least the copious amounts of alcohol will make you think it is...

  9. It’s WAY too cold to even leave the house. Everyone will finish work and rather have a bath, followed by dinner in front of some trashy Netflix show, than head out for festive evening activities in this Baltic weather.

  10. There’ll come a time when someone will get too drunk and eat their whole advent calendar in one sitting after a night out. #NoJudgement

  11. You’ll all spend the whole of the month in a chocolate coma, thanks to family-size boxes of Quality Street, Celebrations and anything else you can get your hands on.

It’s safe to say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, made even better by being surrounded by flatmates… and pigs in blankets.

Who will you be spending Christmas with this year? Family, friends, flatmates....?

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Image credit - Dorien Monnens


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