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7 reasons why you should have a side hustle

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Side hustles are more common than ever before. Having a half gig on the side of your full-time gig is on the rise, with up to two fifths of people in the UK, and 70% of Gen Z having one. This addition to traditional workflow has been a game changer (particularly since the pandemic), giving people the chance to grow independently and learn about their life goals. So here are seven reasons why you should have a side hustle under your belt.

1. Full ownership

Having a side hustle means having full ownership and being accountable for everything that happens. That means owning your sh*t when things go right AND wrong – a valuable life lesson indeed. Taking notes of literally everything and taking responsibility for all your actions will go such a long way in the long run.

We all know it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and the world of the side hustle isn’t any different. It can be a tough niche but there are many ways to dodge the nasty bits and emerge the other side feeling like a boss – but this usually comes with a bit of practice, getting the knack of what works for you and your hustle, being systematic and planning your time accordingly to fit everything in.

2. A steep learning curve

Side hustles are all about learning how to do things on your own, by being a strong and independent individual. They often (if not always) mean being your own boss – which means setting your own goals, planning your own schedule, and learning how to resolve things alone.

You’ll learn to not waste time on projects that aren’t looking like they’ll have a positive outcome. You'll also learn how to turn down opportunities, and rid yourself of negative people and ideas that cramp your vision of success.

3. A sense of purpose

Let’s face it – working a 9-5 job five times a week can leave you feeling pretty drained. Doing the same thing over and over again until it comes second nature ultimately can become monotonous. Which is why a stimulating side hustle can add a splash of colour to your life – giving you something to chase when you’re not engulfed by your usual day job.


It’s scientifically proven that those who engage in recreational and/or part-time hobbies are much happier and less stressed than those who don’t. This is exactly how you should view your side hustle – as a hobby that you really enjoy (and that you’ll hopefully get to earn some extra dosh from too).

You’ll feel important, more accomplished and generally more confident in yourself because you’re handling more than one job. The average person juggles just one full-time job – but not you. You’re extra special <3

4. Being able to monetise your passion

Of course it wouldn’t really be a job if you weren’t getting paid. That’s why having a side hustle can offer you the opportunity to get paid to do something that you really love. You’ve also got your main job as a guaranteed source of income – which can be really helpful in the early stages of a side hustle. With any luck it’ll take off and you’ll be able to monetise your side hustle, but even just having it as an extra sprinkle of income can bring satisfaction.


5. New contacts, new opportunities

One of the best things about working for yourself and the side hustle world in general is getting to meet new people and generally expanding your contact list. You may find you end up with several clients, so building good relationships with other people and maintaining those relationships is key.

Going down the side hustle route often involves a hell of a lot of research. You’ll be drafting up lots of emails, sending them to loads of brands and companies, and getting yourself in front of as many people as possible. When I first took on my side hustle as an Instagram influencer, I found writing emails to brands absolutely terrifying! But in the end, it was all down to trial and error. I still occasionally look back at the first ever emails I composed and cringe in horror. Oh, how I’ve grown…

6. Work-life balance

This point sort of ties in with point three. Everyone needs something to take away the stress from their full time job, which is where the side hustle comes in. You’ll be able to work your butt off and still have the comfort of knowing there’s that other side hobby you enjoy, that’ll be there for you to fall back on when you need to destress.

7. The cost of living is rocketing up

Another valid reason why you should consider getting yourself a side hustle asap is the cost of rent and living going up. Things aren’t as cheap as they used to be – the average price of rent is constantly ballooning. In London the average price of rent is around £1.5k per calendar month, not to mention all the living costs, other expenses and general living we have to spend our monthly income on. Having a side hustle to bring in even the tiniest bit of extra cash can be a welcome relief to your bank account.


Have a hustle on the side? We want to hear all about it! And if you’re struggling to get through the month, check out our tips on surviving the last few days of the month for some handy pre-payday hacks.


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