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13 flatsharing lessons we can all learn from Friends

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In case you missed the memo, our favourite flatsharing sitcom has made an epic appearance on Netflix this month – effectively transforming our January into a 30-day long binge watch punctuated by flatmates and snacks.

Obviously the show is full of the genius one-liners, hilarious situations and witty script writing we’ve come to know and love. But part of the charm of Friends is just how much the group of six New Yorkers have nailed flatsharing, and made it work for a whole decade. Proving in every episode that life really is better shared…

Here are a few lessons about flatsharing we can all learn from Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel.

1. The supermarket probably isn't the best place to find a potential flatmate...

That's exactly where Chandler met the bizarre Eddie. A flatmate who watched him sleep, brought home strange, random items (like a mannequin head) and had a pet in the form of a fish-shaped cracker called Buddy...

2. On moving day, don't forget to pivot

How else will you get that cumbersome bed frame up four flights of stairs?!

3. Your flatmate might have some questionable tastes in interior design

Remember Chandler and Joey’s big white dog?! Just breathe, and try to ignore the offending item...

4. And their choice of fancy dress might also be a little weird

5. Building a living room fort is ALWAYS a good idea...

...and in Joey’s case, actually helped him and Ross overcome their differences as roommates when Ross moved in. Lesson learned: there’s no tension that fort-building can’t diffuse.

6. ALWAYS wear oven mitts

Because margaritas + cooking = BAD idea. Just ask a burnt-handed Ross.

7. Be wary if your flatmate offers you a makeover...

^ Case in point.

8. Remember to make time to hang out together

It's all about chilling and doing the things you love together <3

9. Sharing clothes isn't always okay

...especially when they think it's funny to wear everything you own...with no underwear on...

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10. Beware of your strange neighbours

Although if they're anything like Ugly Naked Guy, you'll probably all end up bonding from the sheer horror of it all.

11. It's okay to be upset when your flatmate decides to move in with a boy

Just don't do a Rachel/Monica and start listing all the things you won't miss about each'll never make the separation easier.

12. But know that living alone kinda sucks

Joey learned this the hard way when he decided to move out of his apartment with Chandler and get his own place (only to move back in almost immediately).

13. Because when it comes down to it, your flatmates will always be there for you

Cos you're there for them too ❤️

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