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River Island has launched a homeware range, and it's just as sassy as you'd imagine...

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It’s not uncommon to hear of high street clothing brands branching out into homewares too – just look at the likes of H&M and Zara. Fashion and interiors go hand in hand.

Which is why the latest launch won’t surprise you: RI Home. The much-loved clothing retailer has launched an 160-piece collection of furniture, home trinkets and soft furnishings, starting from just £8.

What can you expect from the range? River’s trademark sassy style, obvs. Think faux fur, animal print, and ornate yet glamorous trinkets. It’s colourful, playful and TOTALLY millennial.

Check out our favourite pieces from the collection.

1. Wire basket table

Practical and pretty – use it as a storage spot for living room blankets, with a lid to serve as a coffee table too. £80.

2. Tiger cushion

One of those that’s so garish, it’s actually kind of beautiful. It’s faux fur, blue, and has a tiger on it. Why wouldn’t you want one? £50.

3. Book end

Just try and come up with a more glam bookshelf accessory than this one (spoiler: you won’t). £28 each.

4. Persian rug

There are so many beautiful things about this rug – the colour, the distressed wool fabric, that print… perfect peeking out under a sofa or bed. £80.

5. Bird cage

Yeah, we know spending £65 on a bird cage is a little extravagant. And TBH, we’re not sure what one would even keep in it. But just LOOK AT IT <3 £65.

6. Pink dog ornament

This chap looks like he’d be pretty good at guarding doors, keeping them open, and keeping you safe from pesky draughts. £15.

7. Antique glass box

Perfect for storing earrings, rings, cotton pads, safety pins… basically any uncategorised “stuff” you don't have a home for yet. £15.

8. Cream wool pouffe

The most expensive on the list, but then don’t your feet deserve the best? Picture it: you’ve had a long day and you slump down on the sofa, only to find a ball of soft, fluffy wool to rest your weary feet on... Dreamy. £150.

Shop the whole RI Home collection here.

Image credit: River Island.


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