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How to create a kick ass desk space

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From bloggers to coders, to nine-to-fivers with a side hustle... there are more people working from home now than ever. And while the benefits are clear (snacks on tap, anyone?!), trying to actually get stuff done in the comfort of your own home (or pyjamas) can be a challenge.

Finding WFH a little distracting? Stop procrastinating and give your home office a little refresh – an organised, attractive desk area can do wonders for your productivity levels. You may even forget about your next snack break…

Ditch the clutter

We’re all guilty of this one – mugs, pens, receipts, print-outs and plates can pile up quickly on a small desk. But when there’s no office cleaner around to clear the decks, it takes a serious amount of discipline to manage your mess.

The first step is to remove the clutter, and then try to get in the habit of tidying up as you go along. Keeping minimal items on your desk and only sticking to the essentials will make your mind feel less cluttered too. A good way to implement this is by asking yourself if the item is adding value to your work. If it’s not, it goes.

Invest in some desk trays and a pen pot to organise your essentials – John Lewis has an attractive selection that beats standard plastic options.

Invest in practical accessories

Now you’ve decluttered, it’s time to add some more back in – we’re talking clocks, calendars, whiteboards, stationery and other productive items that will help motivate your work. Choose things that align with your personality, and that lift your mood when you see them. Hema has some of the cutest office supplies going.

Motivate with wall art


Motivational quotes might sound a bit cheesy, but getting them printed and displayed in your desk area could be the nudge you need when your mind starts wandering. Check out Desenio for affordable typography wall art, with plenty of inspiring quotes included.

Let there be light

Good lighting can make or break a desk space. Is the room dark? Does your desk get glare from the sun? Is there enough natural light? Moving your desk to a spot with a good amount of window light could lift your mood and encourage inspiration. Just make sure the view isn’t too distracting…

Bring in the plants


Word has it that having plants in your desk space can actually improve productivity – some can even reduce stress levels. Plus who doesn’t feel happier with a load of green things around them?! Make sure you’re getting them from the ‘indoor plants’ section so they survive – Patch has a whole section of affordable greens, perfect for home offices.

Stick ‘em up

It might seem a bit old school, but sticky notes are still one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting things done. Buy a pack (with a cute dispenser included), and use them to jot down to-dos throughout the day. If it’s stuck to your monitor/in your direct view, you’re way more likely to actually get it done (trust me).

Pimp your laptop

A dressed up laptop is much more enticing than a plain laptop… am I right?! Just like a mobile phone, giving your computer a personal touch can bring the good vibes when you look at it – which, when WFH, is a lot. Etsy is a great place to find unique laptop skins on the cheap.

Now you’ve revamped your desk space, go forth and kick ass! We’ll be watching when you take that next snack break to the kitchen…

How do you pimp your desk space? Let us know on Instagram.

Image credits: nrly, Pinterest.


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