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Great news: watching TV can help cure your Brexit blues...

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Oh, Brexit. Anyone else feel like it's all they see/hear/think about at the moment?!

Since 2016, the ongoing Brexit uncertainty has taken an emotional toll on the nation – research from a Headspace survey in November 2018 revealed that 70% of people said Brexit was the thing making them feel most stressed.

So while the future of our country is still in limbo, how about some light relief from it all?!

Good news: just rounding up your flatmates and gathering around the TV to watch a mood-lifting show could be enough to bust your Brexit blues – according to psychotherapist, Elaine Slater.

We asked her to scan the libraries on Netflix and Amazon Prime to put together the ultimate list of 10 uplifting shows and films:

  1. Grace and Frankie (Netflix)
  2. The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)
  3. The Blind Side (Netflix)
  4. About A Boy (Netflix)
  5. Friends (Netflix)
  6. Dumplin (Netflix)
  7. Legally Blonde (Netflix)
  8. Love and Other Drugs (Amazon Prime)
  9. Catastrophe (Amazon Prime)
  10. Sex Education (Netflix)

These shows share positive messages – like demonstrating the importance of relationships, inspiring hope, encouraging us to be our true selves, containing lessons about overcoming challenges, and exploring the kindness and faith in humanity. Elaine believes that seeing this on-screen can help viewers.

“Television offers a window on a broad spectrum of similar issues. Seeing characters engaging with, grappling and overcoming issues can help us in our own lives,” she said.

So grab the pizza, gather on the sofa and get Netflix on. It’s for your own good, really...


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