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The creepiest flatscare stories we've ever heard...

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Flatshares: when they're good, they're really good. But when they're bad? They can become a real life horror story...

In the spirit of spookiness, we're sharing some of the weirdest, creepiest flatshare stories we've ever heard here at ScareRoom – from bumps in the night, to mysterious moving objects. Read on for anecdotes from the frontline of these horror houses...

  • "I'd just moved in to what I thought was a professionally cleaned property. That was, until I was unpacking in the kitchen... I pulled open the fridge to find the drawers full of decaying, rotting meat."

  • "My flatmates were kind of messy. The not cleaning anything was gross, but their kitchen habits were definitely the worst. One time I came back after a week away and was greeted by an infestation of bugs and mice, thanks to the half-used food they'd left on the kitchen counters..."

  • "I lived in a flatshare once where the landlord was quite involved. Generally this was a good thing – problems got fixed quickly and he was great at communication. But sometimes the boundaries were crossed. The worst incident was around 10pm one night – I was just chilling in my bedroom about to sleep. I heard a noise in the corridor and tentatively went out to investigate... it was then that I ran into my landlord, in the pitch black corridor. Once I'd got over the shock and recognised him, he sheepishly admitted he'd been passing by and was desperate for a loo, so let himself in to use ours."

  • "Luckily it never happened to me, but rumour has it that before I moved into my flat there was a rat problem. Apparently rats would come up through the toilet..."

  • "Slugs would come and invade our kitchen (and leave slime everywhere) EVERY night."

  • "One of the houses I lived in was very old. It was always a little bit creaky and that was fine – the scary part was when things would randomly fall of shelves, or out of the cupboards in the kitchen. Often when I was home alone..."

  • "When I was at uni, our place was classically 'student'. The bin would get full really quickly and obviously no one could ever be bothered to take the bag outside. Usually this resulted in the bag being left on the floor next to the bin, until someone caved and took it out! Once we reached an impressive seven days with the bag left out, until I decided enough was enough. I picked it up and the bag promptly split, spilling its congealed food contents and an impressive collection of maggots all over the floor... Lesson learned."

  • "One weekend I decided to give the place a deep clean. I was on a stool doing the top of a tall cupboard in the living room, when I noticed a suspicious brown object in the back corner. A closer inspection (and a prod) confirmed that it was in fact a dead mouse. I don't even want to know how long it had been there..."

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