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How to celebrate Palentine's Day this year

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It’s upon us again: D-Day. Sorry, V-Day.

And while the rest of our friends/family/mainstream media work themselves into a frenzy deciding what to buy their bae, which card is best, or desperately trying to find a hot date ahead of the big day...we’re just sitting comfortably over here NOT CARING.

Because who even needs a Valentine when you can celebrate Palentine’s Day instead?!

February 14th is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with your flatmates, rejoicing in just how much you love each other and how lucky you are to be together. N’aww.

Here are a few ways you can mark the occasion this year.

1. Exchange cards

...Not on the High Street have got this covered this year, but if you wanna go one step further and bestow them with gifts to show your deep bond...Etsy is the place to be. You’ll find everything from mugs to coasters, and even a “friend date” jar.

2. Cook up a storm

And by “cooking” we really mean “preheat and throw things in oven” – because today is all about you guys, NOT chopping up garlic and slaving over a hot stove.

If you CBA to head out to a restaurant filled with cringey couples, fear not. For everywhere from Asda and Morrisons to the classic M&S are offering “Dine In” deals this V-Day, which for the most part give you a banging three-course meal on the cheap, and maybe a bottle of something too. Because nothing says “besties forever” more than stuffing your faces together.

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3. Make a home cinema

A low budget classic but still a winner. Grab some blankets, cushions and plenty of snacks, and while away the cold, lonely eve over a quality film. Want something Palentines-slushy? Try Napoleon Dynamite, Toy Story or Forrest Gump. After something totally anti-romance? We recommend Alfie, The Shining, or Gone Girl. All solid evidence that sometimes you’re just better off without a significant other.

4. Escape together

Unfortunately we don’t mean booking a holiday… but how about locking yourselves in a room somewhere and trying to puzzle your way out as a group? It’s the ULTIMATE bonding experience. Escape rooms have soared in popularity, so chances are there’s one somewhere near you. Check out this list of London events – covering all themes from MI5 to magicians.

And remember: Valentine's may come and go, but pals last forever <3


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