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5 alternative Christmas trees to invest in NOW

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Sure, we all love the idea of turning our flatshare into Santa's grotto. But when it actually comes down to it, the process of actually visiting a Christmas tree farm, lugging the chosen one home (probably with help from a disgruntled Uber driver), and shelling out for decorations too can seem a little OTT when both time and budget are limited. And who's going to volunteer to hoover up pine needles anyway?!

Well this year you can forget all about heading to Poundland to only come home with crap crinkled plastic and lingering disappointment. We've got the perfect solution.

Meet the alternative Christmas tree. The uber-cool festive beauties that will see you through many Christmases to come (cost per use = BARGAIN).

Round up your flatmates, get that festive kitty started, and invest in one of these badboys:

1. The wooden one

Coming in at £44 on Etsy (just over a tenner each in a four-person share), this rustic wooden tree is perfect for lovers of minimalist interiors. You can angle the planks any way you desire, and add lights/decorations to your heart's content. Or just leave it as is (wood + star) for a stylish, lowkey nod to the season of joy.

2. The lit one

Let's face it: nothing screams "holidays are coming" more than twinkly lights literally EVERYWHERE – and why should your flat be the exception to the rule? Forgo the strings of tacky cheap fairy lights this year, and invest in a cool light up tree instead. This £35 one from Not On The High Street will cost under a tenner each in a four-person flatshare. Which is a small price to pay for making your days merry and bright (and Pinterest-worthy).

3. The steel one

A lesson learned: you can ALWAYS rely on Ikea to make your home look cooler than you are, even at Christmas. For £48 (or £12 each between four), you can make your Scandi-interior/yuletide dreams come true with a steel frame, LED lights and hooks ready and waiting for your decorating skills. It's essentially lagom in festive form.

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4. The millennial one

The epitome of "2017 cool kid". Get ready for friends to envy you, Instagrammers to worship you, and your bank balance to smile proudly...because this one's a DIY job, my friend. Click here for full instructions and materials. We reckon (cactus included) it's a bit of a steal, and who can put a price on this level of cool anyway?! Race you to Tesco's bargain succulents stand...

5. The hipster one

Are you a hipster? Do you love minimalism?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then congrats – we've found you the Christmas tree of your dreams, and also 2017's biggest festive trend (apparently). Yep, people are now turning humble LADDERS into trees, by wrapping them in lights and adding decorations. It's pretty perfect for those on a festive budget (just repurpose an already-owned ladder for December) and can be returned to its former glory post-yuletide when you need to take decorations down from great heights. Genius in a few small steps.


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