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The UK's cheapest towns and cities to rent in

The UK's cheapest towns and cities to rent in

With our relationship to work changing, and more companies offering the opportunity to work remotely, where we choose to live has become a much more open conversation. So, with that in mind, we though it would be interesting to see where the cheapest places to rent in the UK are.

There's no shortage of reporting on what's happening to London rents, but people rarely focus on whats going on at the other end of the rental pricelist.

These are currently the 10 cheapest UK towns and cities to rent a room in.

  1. Bootle - £335
  2. Sunderland - £341
  3. Londonderry - £347
  4. Bradford - £352
  5. Darlington - £357
  6. Middlesbrough - £364
  7. Huddersfield - £369
  8. Scunthorpe - £370
  9. South Shields - £375
  10. Barnsley - £377

All of those are around half the average room rent you'd pay in London at the moment, even with rents in the capital falling. They're also almost all in the north of England

But there are almost 150 UK towns and cities with average room rents of £500 a month or less, and they're spread all round the country. From Southampton to South Shields, and from Norwich to Swansea you'll find places to live with rents that won't break the bank.

The real question is, if commuting or living near work aren't an issue in future, where will you choose to live? That's the big question that will shape how the UK's rental map looks this time next year.

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