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Renters Reform

Renters Reform

We recently asked what matters most to you when it comes to renting. With the government about to announce its response to the consultation on reforming the rental market, it seemed like the ideal time to find out what you really care about.

Over 6,000 of you took part - here's what you told us was most important:

  1. Make the rogue landlord database public 15.7%
  2. Better enforcement on criminal landlords 15.0%
  3. Introduction of a national landlord register 13.4%
  4. Make open ended tenancies the norm 12.9%
  5. Make it easier to rent with pets 12.7%
  6. Introduction of 'lifetime deposits' 9.7%
  7. Make it easier to rent if you receive housing benefit 9.7%
  8. Ban on 'no fault' evictions 9.5%

It's really clear that better regulation of the rental market is what most renters want to see, with the top three responses all relating to that.

It looks like lifetime deposits will be on the agenda when the plans are announced, so that will be a big help to a lot of people who currently have to find a new deposit before they get their old one back.

We'll keep an eye out for the announcements and share any news with you as we hear it.

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Q: What kind of landlord database do renters want to be made public?
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Image credit - Aron Van de Pol