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DNA Landing Page

DNA Landing Page

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<p class="one-of-three"><b>The Science</b><br>Swiss geneticists at Karmagenes have been mapping genomes to work out how your DNA influences your personality. Using the results they can tell you who your ideal flatmates would be, based on your unique personality.</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>Your Genotype</b><br>Your DNA swab lets us work out who you're likely to click with to create the happiest possible flatshare. We'll look at 14 different personality traits and map them to your personal DNA.</p>

<p class="one-of-three"><b>1 + 1 = BFF</b><br>By analysing your chain of DNA nucleotides, we’ll give you a report to help you work out who your new BFF, or Best Future Flatmate, will be. It’s as easy as saying deoxyribonucleic acid!</p>

Peer reviewed by these great scientific journals: