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Lodger or tenant?

Lodger or tenant?

A few weeks ago we ran a blog post on the difference between flatmates and lodgers, and we asked which setup you preferred. There was a clear winner - but it wasn't the one we expected!

Almost 13,000 people responded to the poll and 40% of you said you prefer to live as a lodger! Here are the full results.

Would you rather live in a flatshare or as a lodger?

In a flatshare - 29%
As a lodger - 40%
I'm happy with either - 15%
I don't know the difference - 16%

We expected 'in a flatshare' to come out top, but it turns out there are real benefits to living as a lodger that some people find more appealing.

Here's what people listed as the things they liked most about being a lodger:

  1. Living with fewer people
  2. Not having to deal with landlords/agents
  3. Feeling more like a family home
  4. Living with the person who owns the house

People also told us they liked sharing with their landlord because it meant any issues in the house generally got fixed more quickly. Maybe being a lodger is an option you might want to consider if those sound appealing!

The top reasons for preferring to live in a flatshare were:

  1. Not wanting to live with your landlord
  2. Preferring the security of a tenancy agreement
  3. Having had a bad experience of being a lodger
  4. Preferring to live with more people

So there you have it. Lodger or flatmate? Both can be great options, depending on what you're looking for.

If you're one of the 16% who still don't know the difference, check out our lodger vs tenant guide for more info.

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Image credit - Phil Hearing