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'Let us work from home, or we'll leave'

'Let us work from home, or we'll leave'

The pandemic has affected pretty much every area of our lives, from how we live to how we shop and how we do (or don't) see our friends and family.

It's also affected the jobs we do and how we do them. We asked over 2,000 people aged 18-40 whether the past year has changed their views on work and how they felt about working from home vs going back to an office.

The answer was pretty clear. Almost half the people we polled said they'd consider quitting their job if they were forced to go back into an office full time.

Of those who've had the option to ‘WFH’, 72% want to work from home, or combine home and office working in future. Just 28% said they prefer working exclusively from an office.

The majority also said that what they look for in a job has changed after a year living in a pandemic. Office parties and regular socialising with colleagues have become less important, replaced by job security, pay and a strong work/life balance. People also told us a job that gives them a sense of purpose is more important now.

The top 5 things people now look for in a job are:

  1. Pay and compensation
  2. Good work/life balance
  3. A job that has a sense of purpose
  4. Job security
  5. Feeling safe at work

The 5 least important things are:

  1. Regular social events and office parties
  2. Regular appraisals/reviews and opportunity to grow
  3. Additional benefits e.g. gym, healthcare
  4. Being able to pursue a passion / ‘side hustle’ outside work
  5. Reduced or flexible working hours

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