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Half of renters put off moving due to COVID

Half of renters put off moving due to COVID

As the UK continues to open up and (fingers crossed) we're starting to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, people are moving in greater numbers again.

However, according to a recent poll of over 1,300 SpareRoom users, 53% of flatmates put off moving due to the pandemic. The main reasons were:

  • Moving didn't feel safe - 40%
  • Things were too uncertain to plan ahead - 31%
  • I lost my job/was furloughed - 18%
  • I didn't want to go to viewings - 5%
  • My landlord reduced the rent - 2%

But not everyone stayed put. Of those who weren't put off, 12% moved during the first lockdown, 17% during a subsequent lockdown and another 15% between lockdowns.

Things are now starting to look up across the board. Over half of those who didn't move now plan to move within the next six months and a quarter plan to move in the next year.

Not everyone feels confident yet though, 14% of those who put off moving still dont feel safe to move just yet.

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