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Want free tube travel? Flatshare with a TFL employee

Reading time: and The Evening Standard are reporting increasing pressure on London mayor Boris Johnson (who my 10-year-old niece does an impression of an ape for when she gets him in the ‘mime’ round of the name game) to scrap a scheme costing £30m a year whereby partners (and even friends, flatmates and lodgers) of TFL employees get a free oyster card.

All 28,000 TFL staff are entitled to free travel plus they can nominate friends, family etc to get the benefit too (as long as they’re resident at the same address as the employee).

Does this seem like a fair use of taxpayers’ money to you? One thing’s for sure, if there’s even the faintest whiff of the scheme being scrapped the unions will be up in arms about it. We all know what that means – yep, even more tube strikes.

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