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What we’ve learned about housing in 2014… from you

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We carry out a lot of surveys every year on, ranging from a quick Friday afternoon poll on who does the cleaning in your house, right up to our huge Flatshare Census. Thanks to all of you who took part and took the time to let us know what you think.

Perhaps the most insight you’ve given us is that 97% of you don’t think the Government is doing enough to make housing affordable.

It’s not difficult to see why. Based on the 10,300 responses to our 2014 Flatshare Census:

18% of you don’t EVER expect to buy your own home. A further 18% don’t expect to be able to buy for at least ten years.

22% of you spend more than 50% of your income on rent and 29% consider your rent unaffordable.

We also learned that 21% of flatshares don’t have living rooms and 5% of flatsharers even share a bedroom (with someone other than their partner).

It’s not all been doom and gloom though – you’ve also made us smile. When we asked who you’d rather live with, 63% of you said a flatmate who never speaks rather than one who never shuts up.

We also asked about the cleaning rota. 48% admitted the same person or people end up doing all of the housework and 20% said ‘What’s housework? We have a cleaner’.


So, a big thank you for all you’ve taught us in 2014. Enjoy the Christmas break and we’ll see you in 2015 (with plenty more questions, of course).