Should women get a discount on rent?

The housing crisis: we’re all in it together, right? Well, sort of. The results of our latest flatshare census show females are worse off than men when it comes to paying the rent.

Here are just a few of the findings:

  • Female flatsharers earn £1,995 less per year than males. In London the salary gap widens to £4,236
  • Female flatsharers spend an average of £276 more per year on rent than males
  • 15% of female sharers spend more than half their salary on rent, compared to 8% of males
  • Of all age groups, women in their 20s in London pay the largest proportion of their salary on rent, with 19% spending over 50%, compared to 10% of males

The census also suggests that male renters are more likely to live in bigger properties and properties without living rooms – both factors that will affect the rent so it’s not as simple as women getting the worst deal. But regardless of our rental choices, it’s 2015; there shouldn’t be a housing crisis and it really shouldn’t be affecting male and female renters to different extents.

What do SpareRoom users have to say?

Charlotte-Gill-circleBlogger, Charlotte Gill, says:

“The statistics are really quite startling, and paint a depressing state of play for femkind – even in a city as progressive as London. Looking at them you could say that women are not only underpaid compared to men, but also less savvy with money. Alternatively they might also indicate that women are more picky when it comes to their accommodation – and prepared to cough up a bit more to be comfortable.

“As a woman I do feel concerned about the quality of housing I will be able to afford in the future – especially as a singleton, as this makes it extra expensive! It seems far more sensible to couple-up if you can, as strategic as that sounds.”

Jamie AndrewsSpareRoom user, Jamie Andrews, says:

“We need to pursue better salary equality.”

Another SpareRoom user, Kathryn Renshaw, says:

“When I was flat sharing I made a choice to rent the more expensive room because it was a safer area and had better facilities. Making that choice is what equality is about.”

What do you think? Are women getting a worse deal when it comes to renting? Tell us in the comments below


3 thoughts on “Should women get a discount on rent?

  1. Sad fact of life is that woman earn less than men, I can not seeing that change any time soon, I think woman pay more rent than men is due to a few diffrent circumstances like:
    Ladies tend to look for lady only house holds for security reasons.
    Ladies like to choose nicer areas than males.
    Men can live pretty much anywhere.

  2. I agree with Matt. The wage gap is a prevalent problem with our society but it’s not likely to change any time soon. The rest of the stats I think are connected with women paying more in rent. I don’t think having a lady only household should mean that the rent is more, but the other two factors really do come into play.
    For example, my rent is more expensive than my boyfriend’s, despite being paid less than him when I moved into the place. But, my flat is astronomically better. I live in a nice place and my rent is cheap for what I have, where as I believe he is severely overpaying for his crappy box room.

  3. Well I don’t think they should, if you look at the statistics out there, it is single mum’s who take up the largest proportion of single occupancy properties, in this day and age there is plenty of education and contraceptives, for male and female, I may add my ex, a 50 year old, working and with grandchildren was told by the local authority to get pregnant if she does not want to wait 15 years! Is a sad state but this is fact

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