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Raise the Roof campaign update

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After more than a year of campaigning for an increase to the Rent a Room Scheme tax threshold it looks like this won’t be happening any time soon. We always knew it would be tricky to convince the government to tackle this issue head on but, despite a negative outcome, there has been much to be proud of.

Not only did we manage to bring the issue to the attention of the housing minister (both the current minister and his predecessor) we also had the opportunity to meet with Treasury officials and make them aware of the need for change, even if that change doesn’t happen now. In a time of severe cuts across the board it was always going to be tricky to get this through.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who signed our petition, urged your MP to sign the EDM and helped us with anecdotal evidence. We’d also like to thank Shelter, Sarah Beeny, The National Landlords Association, Landlordzone and Zoopla for their support for the campaign.

Having made inroads and helped raise awareness this is an issue we will be returning to – after all, the out of date tax allowance will only become further undervalued as time progresses.

In the meantime thanks to all of you, we really do appreciate your help.




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