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LandlordZone add their support to Raise the Roof

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Residential property website have added their support to SpareRoom’s Raise the Roof campaign.landlordzone

The site’s director Tom Entwistle says:

“The Rent-a-Room Scheme was sent up as a way of encouraging home owners to take in lodgers. This is an eminently sensible idea as it not only encourages better use of the national housing stock and minimises the housing shortage, it also provides accommodation for, in particular, students and young singles, and it helps considerably with labour mobility. However, government in their wisdom have failed to see a need to raise the allowance from its 1997 amount of £4250, which in today’s real terms should be considerably more. LandlordZONE fully supports the campaign to increase this now derisory allowance.”

LandlordZone also covered the campaign on their news pages yesterday



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