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Raise the Roof - week 1 round up

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The Raise the Roof Campaign is a week old today so I thought I’d let you know what we’ve done with our first 7 days.

First things first – in the week we’ve been up and running 1,065 of you have signed our petition so a big thanks to everyone who added their name to the list.

We also delivered hundreds of letters and briefing notes to MPs on Monday – we took them to Westminster ourselves as we didn’t want to lose them in the Royal Mail’s backlog, watch the video.

The campaign has started to attract support from people in the housing field including the National Landlords’ Association and and the word is spreading online with mentions in the last 24 hours on Martin Lewis’s and property blog The Rat & Mouse. We’ve also spoken to a few journalists in the last couple of days and have our fingers crossed for some newspaper coverage at the weekend.

Thanks to all of you for your support for Raise the Roof – if you haven’t signed the petition yet then head on over to the site and add your name. If you have then why not write to your MP in support of the campaign. If you’ve already done both of these then well done you, take the rest of the week off (but tell everyone you know we need their support!).





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