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After sending out thousands of emails at the start of the week to update everyone on the progress of Raise the Roof your responses have been pouring in. Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign the petition, write to their MP or just email us to let us know we had your support.

Amongst the responses we’re getting are several from homeowners worried about interest rates rising in the coming months and years and how this will affect their repayments when they’re already pushed financially. Many are now looking into renting out a room but are put off by the limit on tax free earning. For these people (and there will be thousands out there) the opportunity to charge a fair market rate for their room as an incentive to take in a lodger is paramount. Without a fair incentive we’re shutting off a vital supply of affordable, good quality rented accommodation.

The biggest argument we hear against the raise is that it will encourage homeowners to charge more for their rooms than they should be. This is unlikely for one main reason – if homeowners put prices up then renters will simply opt for cheaper rooms in shared houses instead. We’re not suggesting anyone should charge an unfair amount for their room and the market will prevent that from happening anyway (don’t forget, the market for shared accommodation is a huge one in the UK, it’s not just a few people taking in lodgers!).

Thanks again for all the support we’ve had and to all the people who don’t agree but took the time to tell us why. If we believe that what we’re doing is right we should be prepared to take all views on board.





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