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Launching the Raise the Roof campaign

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News's Raise the Roof campaign

We’re proud to announce the launch of’s Raise the Roof campaign.

Raise the Roof is a campaign to get a fair deal from the Treasury for people who choose to rent out a room in their home. Since 1997 (i.e. under the current government) no change has been made to the income threshold of the Rent a Room Scheme – the threshold at present is £4,250 a year; the campaign would like to see this rise to £9,000 a year.


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From 1997/98 to 2005/06, average rents for resident landlords went up by 75 percent. Projecting forward to 2009/10 would increase this to 113 percent, which would be equivalent to a threshold of approximately £9000.

In the current climate the amount a homeowner can raise by renting out a spare room can be the difference between keeping their home and losing it – the last thing we need is a threshold that’s too low and puts people off because they don’t want to fill out a self-assessment form for a small amount of money.

Get involved

To help us spread the word and gather support there are a couple of things you can do to help, including signing our petition. Visit our Getting Involved page for full details.

The campaign is already being supported by Shelter, The National Landlords Association and Sarah Beeny.

Sarah Says:

I think the campaign is a great idea. A higher threshold will help struggling homeowners, reduce the number of repossessions and open up another source of affordable housing so I’m all for it

By supporting the campaign you’re helping us send a positive message to the government that a fair deal for those looking to rent out a room will help homeowners and, ultimately, benefit the economy as a whole.





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