Introducing SpareRoom’s flatshare agony aunt

Have you got a problem with your flatmate(s) that needs sorting out? Let us help with advice from SpareRoom’s new resident flatshare agony aunt Oonagh O’Hagan.

Oonagh is the author of the brilliant ‘I Lick My Cheese and Other Notes: from the Frontline of Flatsharing’, a book described by Esquire as:

“…a collection of nasty notes and petty Post-its that will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever shared a flat with a borderline OCD sufferer, or found an unidentified pube in their toothbrush and been moved to action”

If you’ve got a flatmate dilemma, chances are Oonagh’s heard worse (there’s a challenge if we ever heard one!). Email us with your horror stories, your nightmare flatmates or just those embarrassing niggles you don’t know how to handle. Every week we’ll pick the best (or at least most entertaining) and give you Oonagh’s top tips on what to do.

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One thought on “Introducing SpareRoom’s flatshare agony aunt

  1. Hi
    What are the possibilities of leaving a contract before the end date?
    I am having problems with every single one of my house-mates… It is giving me a terrible vibe. to come to after a hard day at uni.. and I want to move to a house closer to my university.
    My landlord has already expressed that it will be too much hassle, but has offered to call me in a few days to discuss it as she is really busy right now..
    Please give me some advice! I would really like to move out! I have offered to help her find a replacement student as well…

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