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Crema vs crema - London's best coffee

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I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Italy recently and quickly got used to fantastic coffee on a daily basis. Cafes, restaurants, train station buffets – it seems impossible to get bad coffee in Italy. This made me wonder how Italians react when they arrive in the UK and are faced with the options we have. OK, the standard is improving but, let’s face it, there are still plenty of places in this country to get really crap coffee.

So, here are my favourite places to get a decent coffee in London. There will be great places I haven’t been to so let me know if you have a particular place you love.

  1. Monmouth Coffee Company – These people roast their own beans (several varieties of which you can buy to take home) and supply them to coffee shops all across the capital. Their own coffee shops in Monmouth Street and Borough Market are the place to go for a brilliant espresso.
  2. Caffe Vergnano – These people have a shop on Charing Cross Road and, having checked the website, another on the South Bank! Hurrah! Not only is their coffee as good as any I’ve had, full stop (can’t quite bring myself to say the American version), but they also have a marvelous Caractacus Potts-style espresso machine.
  3. Nude Espresso – Brilliant antipodean coffee shop near Spitalfields. The coffee is great and they do that wonderful thing with the frothed milk that makes it look all velvety and like a Vienetta (which doesn’t make it taste any better but looks cool, bit like the shamrock on a pint of Guinness).

That’s my top 3, let me know if there’s anywhere else I should check out (and why).




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