We’ve found this year’s LiveRentFree top dog…

A 25-piece samba band, four SpareRoomers in dog fancy dress and a giant cheque for £6,708. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, right?

Or at least it was for 29-year-old Nicola Bodfish, a Brighton-based canine-grooming enthusiast and the latest winner of our annual LiveRentFree competition.

But let’s paws (sorry) and go back to the start. In May, we invited renters to share their dreams of how they’d spend a year’s free rent. Over 80,000 entries (and a LOT of hilarious responses) later, we found our winner Nicola, whose dream was quitting her job to start a dog grooming business.

Such an insane prize deserved an equally insane reveal, so we decided to surprise Nicola on Saturday 1st July, while she was (aptly) studying at The Dog Hut Canine Studies college in Polegate. Our squad included a samba band, four SpareRoomers dressed as giant dogs, a banner with Nicola’s name plastered across it, and a HUGE cheque for £6,708 (a year of her rent) hand-delivered by Rupert, our CEO and Founder.

Her reaction? Worryingly cool, calm and collected on camera, but overall as chuffed as you’d expect: “Saturday was absolutely crazy. I really can’t thank you guys enough for such an awesome surprise – you don’t know how much this will help me progress the business plans. I don’t think it’s even sunk in yet!”

Keep your eyes peeled for Sussex-based canine updates, and in the meantime why not have a think about what you’d do with a month’s free rent? Our monthly LiveRentFree competition could make it happen sooner than you think…

16 thoughts on “We’ve found this year’s LiveRentFree top dog…

  1. With a annual free rent I would like to help people with their flat packs assembly, eat healthy meals as my oven currently not working – it’s removed from the kitchen due to it’s age by the landlord. Same as the oven, refrigerator is gone. I have to buy ready meals, not cooked either on stove and oven. Only left a microwave. That’s the true. Couple of days in month I use to help my past coworkers, neighbors who moved to other houses to live. I would also live better. I bet not too lonely, that would give me time to boost my social life, I could get married next year and save some money..

    Thank you very much for this blog as it’s very helpful to share life with others.

  2. a years rent free would help me set up a skinhead café and merch shop selling skinhead memrobilia and skinhead reggae music

  3. Great campaign, well done on whoever chose music and edited the video. congratulations to the lucky winner and continue to help landlords flatmates and roomhunters to find their match 🙂

  4. I may go on holiday as I haven’t had one this year. Maybe Australia! I haven’t given it much thought.
    I have friends over there and I have not seen for nearly four and a half years.

  5. It would be a great surprise for me! Today, when I got this mail from you,it seemed unusual and I thought, that maybe that’s what I think. Every month I am waiting for dream….

    Thank you that you are getting a chance to people to visit this coutry and thank you,that you are giving so mych fun and happines to everyone!

  6. I would want to try and give back/treat everyone/anyone that’s helped me out here and there over the last year or to. You knowww that friend or family member that covers the cost of dinner, or lends you the money for that unexpected car repair, the friends you owe birthday and Christmas presents to that you keep saying your get round to getting soon etc. Just as like a thank you. They won’t expect you to repay your debts but you want to show like gratitude to for being there.
    The smallest things could show them that you care and that your grateful, bottle of wine, flowers a card, that top they pointed out in the shops on your shopping trip. Definitely a take out for my lovely household..my landlady and her daughter, sooo grateful I live in a house that I can definitely call home and with people I get on with. Definitely my second family ❤️

  7. I realy will be happy if you can help me whit a free rent.For us realy dificult here in London becouse we work for minimum pay and we need more time to keep money for acomudation like studio not whit someone whit you in the room . or sometime stay on the street and morning go to work i have this moment to thank you.

  8. It’s a very big help if, I get even a month free rent. I can use it for holiday next year.

  9. We should all be proud of Nicole and feel happy for her . Fingers crossed her business will be successful. WELL DONE

  10. It’s a good start for people. If I can have a free rent l will be happy. I can go to school and get a degree

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