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We finally managed to give away a year's rent

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After the general frenzy that was last Monday, we’re having a much quieter day at SpareRoom London HQ today. Having finally located Jo and been able to pay her the year’s rent she’d won we feel all at peace with the world (if £7,072 lighter in the wallet).

Whilst updating the competition winners’ page I couldn’t help but notice that, out of 4 months’ rent won and one year, we’ve only had one male winner so far. Is it just that boys aren’t entering or are girls generally better at forwarding their code to friends to get extra entries (and thus increase their chances of winning)? Who knows (not me, that’s for sure).

So, chaps, let’s have some more male entries this time and see if we can give away a month’s rent to a male flatsharer in October or November.




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