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Live Rent Free - May winner

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Another month, another year, another winner (and another one for the ‘girls’ column). Live Rent Free has now been running for 2 years – who’d have thought it!

So far we’ve given away a total of (gulp) £17,120.52 and it’s 18-7 to the girls.

Our Live Rent Free in May winner is Gemma Harrison, who lives in SW19 (Wimbledon). According to SpareRoom’s Room Rental Index the average monthly rent in the home of British tennis (and therefore the prize) is £546.

Gemma says:
“I used SpareRoom when I first moved to London in August 2009 – I thought the best way to meet people would be by living in a shared flat. I found the website really easy to use. I also used SpareRoom again when a flat mate was moving out – the response we had was great and we filled the room in no time! I enter the competition every time I see the email, it’s free to enter so there is no harm in trying. I never thought I would win but it goes to show you have to be in it to win it! The money will come in handy, I will hopefully put it towards a nice holiday somewhere hot!”


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