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Joanne found (but not in Brixton)!

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After much consternation and Twitter action yesterday (and several emails from people offering to give the prize money a new home) we’re happy to say we’ve heard from Joanne, who is alive and well and living somewhere near Clapham Common.

For those who don’t know, Joanne was picked as the winner of our Live Rent Free for a year competition but didn’t respond to any of our emails letting her know. Turns out the problem was an over-zealous junk mail filter and, luckily, Joanne checked her junk mail yesterday and found our emails!

We’re checking our rental index right now to work out what Joanne’s prize will be (based on the average rent for a double room in the SW12 area) but I think it’s only fair we tell her before we tell you!

Many thanks to everyone who helped us with re-tweets (including @sarahbeeny, @tepilo and @4Homes) and TheRatandMouse for their assistance.

We’ll follow this up with more details later, cheers again for all the assistance we got.




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