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I love you, you pay my rent

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OK, so we only pay one person’s rent at a time but that person gets to live rent free for a whole month. Pretty good eh?

So, who is it this month? It’s Maryline.


Maryline lives in Streatham, SW16, so it’s another London winner (and another female winner!). Maryline’s prize, based on the average rent for a double room according to SpareRoom’s Room Rental Index, is £537.33. Maryline won with one of her loyalty entries (additional free entries we give out to people who regularly enter the competition or encourage their friends to enter).

Maryline says:
“The timing is so perfect that it is hardly believable: I am just ecstatic!!! I currently live in Streatham, and have just returned to work as a teaching assistant in my local school after 9 months of maternity leave, during which credit card debt had started to pile up. My son, my husband and I currently live in a shared house until we are able to afford a bigger place or decide to move to a cheaper location. I have used SpareRoom in the past and I enter the competition every month when I don’t forget about it. I generally share the link on Facebook for friends to join as it is so easy to enter.”

Don’t forget, for your chance to win a month’s rent enter SpareRoom’s Live Rent Free now