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10 hacks to keep your flat cool this summer

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It’s official: summer has arrived. Yes, that might mean trips to the beach and afternoons spent lounging around the garden, Aperol Spritz in hand, but for a lot of flat sharers it also means something else. Hot flat hell. Ever returned home after work only to find your room resembles the inside of an oven and no amount of window opening/ fan blasting will cool it down? Yep, us too.

We all know there’s nothing worse than sticky, restless nights and unbearably humid days - luckily we’ve got some handy tips to help keep your flat cool (even when you’ve lost yours…)

1. Draw your curtains

It might seem counterintuitive, but trust us. When all you want to do is fling open your curtains and bask in the sun’s rays, resist! Keep your windows and curtains closed at the hottest part of the day (or leave them shut when you head off for work) to prevent the sunlight and hot air streaming in. Reopen in the evening to let the cool air in. You’ll thank us later.

2. Switch off

Even when switched off, appliances that are plugged in give off energy. Switch off your laptop/ TV/ ice cream maker when not in use and keep lighting to a minimum. Better still, switch to LED bulbs. Cooler AND great for the environment = win.

3. Ice cold

Cheap Argos fan not quite cutting it? Upgrade your fanning game and place a bowl of ice cold water in front of it to circulate cool air. Even the flimsiest of fans will be transformed into air con level effectiveness.

4. Get ready for bed

Switch up your bedding come the summer months to not only give your flat a fresh look (#interiorhacks) but also to make bedtimes a lot more bearable. Invest in cotton bedding with a low thread count - the material is less tightly woven together and so better at circulating air. What’s more, if you normally sleep with memory foam bedding, ditch it. The dense material is energy absorbing, meaning you’re more likely to wake up glued to the sheets than with a traditional mattress/ pillow.

5. Black out

Fun fact: blackout curtains reduce the amount of heat transferred via windows by 24%, so get investing! Better still, you won’t be woken by the blinding sunlight when day breaks at the ridiculous hour of 5am.

6. Get low

If you have the option, sleep on a lower level of the house. Hot air rises, meaning bedrooms on higher floors often bear the brunt of the heat. You may want to keep living room sleepovers for nights when the heat is really unbearable though - you don’t want to startle your housemates come the morning...

7. Crack out the BBQ

Cooking up a hearty stew is probably the last thing you want to do anyway, but it’s worth mentioning that keeping oven and hob use to a minimum will significantly reduce the heat inside your flat. Get the BBQ out and invite some mates round for some alfresco dining. Don’t have access to an outdoor area? Opt for meals that require minimal cooking, or failing that, go out for dinner (#treatyo’self).

8. Invest in a chillow

Is it an ice pack? Is it a pillow? No, it’s a chillow! As the name probably explains, a chillow is a cool gel pillow, ideal for placing inside your pillowcase to prevent the manic pillow-flipping-over routine that seems to be a nightly occurrence. Pop it in your freezer for 15 minutes before bed and feel yourself whisked away to a refreshing oasis.

9. Cool off

Take a cold shower. Aside from the obvious benefit of cooling your body temperature and leaving you feeling super fresh, colder water produces less steam than hot, preventing your flat from becoming an actual sauna.

10. Cover it up

Black leather sofa burn your legs when you sit down? Putting white fabric covers over your furniture is an effective way to prevent them retaining heat, as well as giving your living room a more summery vibe.

And if it all gets too unbearable? Buy a paddling pool.

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