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Five spring things to buy from BHS

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...cos we're all bored of winter.

Time for some honesty: the last time I walked into BHS, I was 14. I remember it well – how much I'd begged my mum to take me so I could check out Tammy Girl's new collection (and scoop up yet another glittery vest/pair of flares/pack of butterfly hair clips/pink cord trousers).

While I may have managed to walk out with all of the above, ever since the demise of Tammy (RIP) I’ve not really thought about BHS. In a kind-of-adulting haze that relies on the likes of IKEA, Primark and Dunelm for affordable bed sheets, I’ve not given our national treasure British Homestore another look.

WHAT AN ERROR. Not only has one of our mum’s fave bargain department stores had a bit of face lift and suddenly become all contemporary and minimalist, they’ve filled their homeware section with THINGS YOU’LL REALLY WANT. Some are more affordable than others, but club together with your flatmates (or save up) and you're onto an interior winner...

Hurrah for BHS, and the comeback of 2018! Without further ado, I give you our top picks from the spring/summer collection:

1. The modern wall prints

Because whether you're after a bit of indoor Miami vibes, or just want to look like you take your art seriously, there's something here to put life in your walls again. £50 each, available now

2. The marble ceiling shade

Also known as the easiest way to upgrade your rented bedroom in five seconds flat (or maybe minutes if you're an inexperienced bulb changer). WE'RE IN. £80, available now

3. The wall tapestry

Behold the sheer genius before you right now: a rug. On the wall. Used as a decoration. A-m-azing, and it looks pretty cool too. [Available in March]

4. The mosaic printed bedding

For those times when white bed sheets just feel a little vanilla, we bring you a suitably millennial alternative. Grown up enough to say "I have my life together", but fun enough to imply you won't always be getting in them by 9pm. Promise. £30, available now

5. The slogan mugs

Sometimes you just can't say it for yourself, and in these times it's important to let someone (or thing) else do the talking. So mug everyone off in style and let them know where your priorities lie with these two beauties. Food > friends... #RealTalk £12 each, available now

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