UK homeowners chip in to help stranded travellers

As UK airspace continues to face severe disruption due to the cloud of volcanic ash over the country, thousands of people are finding themselves stuck in the UK and facing expensive hotel bills with no help from their airline. We’ve been busy contacting people with rooms advertised on SpareRoom to encourage them to offer their rooms short term to travellers stranded  in the UK – within the first hour 400 people had added their rooms to the list – as I write the number has risen to over 700.

We’ve created a special page for stranded travellers at

SpareRoom’s MD Rupert Hunt, stuck in Tokyo, is one of thousands affected by the shutdown of Euoropean airspace. He’s lucky enough to be able to cover a hotel bill for a short amount of time (with no assistance from the airline) but most aren’t so lucky. Hopefully by renting a room while they wait for flights a few hundred people here could save themselves money. Rupert was due to fly back to the UK on the 17th but has been told that the next available flight is on May 3rd and to count himself lucky as many will face far longer waits.