SpeedRoommating hailed as one of ’60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012′

AGBeat.comAs you probably know by now SpareRoom.com launched in New York last year. As part of the launch we’ll be holding our first SpeedRoommating event in NYC on January 11th. SpeedRoommating is the US equivalent of our popular London SpeedFlatmating events – over 10,000 people attended a London event in 2011.

The events are already picking up some media attention. AOL covered the move to NY in December and this week AGBeat.com listed SpeedRoommating as one of ’60 Genius Brands to watch out for in 2012′. Given that the list includes Apple and Google+ we’re pretty happy about that!

Hopefully the New York events will attract as many people as the London ones – there’s every reason to suspect they could. We’ll be over in New York launching the events next week so will report back when we return. SpeedRoommating