Houseshare fibs: The lies people tell their housemates

Looking for a place to live is usually a stressful experience, especially when you’re trying to find a houseshare with great people – you want them to like you, you want to like them and the house needs to tick a few boxes too. With this kind of pressure, often combined with a looming move date, we wouldn’t judge you if you told the odd white lie to help you secure your dream houseshare.


We asked SpareRoom users what lies they’ve told their housemates. The most common fibs were about house clutter:

29% of housemates lie about being neat and tidy

28% say their easy going when it comes to clutter when really they aren’t

Some sneaky housemates lie about house etiquette, denying habits like hogging the bathroom or leaving dirty dishes lying around. Beware of the housemate who ‘never take long showers in the morning’ – 11% have lied about this – and watch out for the 11% who claim is wasn’t them who finished the last of the milk.

The sociable housemates tell the odd lie about being party animals with 10% saying they’re considerate when coming home from the pub and 5% saying they never have house parties despite the house being known locally as the go-to after party venue.

Our advice to anyone looking for new housemates is to be yourselves – you’ll have more luck finding like-minded people to live with if you’re open and honest about your lifestyle and hobbies. After all, home is a place you go to relax and be yourself, not the person your housemates want you to be.

What tall stories have you told to secure a flatshare or encourage a potential housemate to move in with you? Was it worth it or did you end up trying to be someone you’re not?

How to breakup with your housemates, the best way possible

At the start of January we asked about your 2015 flatshare resolutions. An overwhelming 78% of you said you wanted to move out of your current flatshare this year. Why? Some of you wanted to find a cheaper place, others wanted to find more compatible housemates and a few are hoping to rent solo or get onto the property ladder.

Those who want to get away from their current housemates told us:

“They’re too messy” 

                                             “Their habits drive me insane”

                                                                                                                  “We just don’t get on”

                        “One housemate has turned into two”

It couldn’t be clearer that many of you need to move out, pronto. There really is no time like the present so we’ve compiled some tips to help you with the inevitable; the housemate breakup.

Don’t make it personal
Strip the relationship down to basics and it’s a financial transaction between strangers. Of course it’s way more complex but if you can make it about ending the financial relationship, rather than telling someone you don’t like them, it’ll be much easier.

Show compassion
Be firm about what you need but treat the other person with respect too. If you’ve had a disagreement, try to understand the other person’s perspective. It doesn’t mean you’ll still want to live with them but, chances are, their main aim in life isn’t to wind you up – go easy on them!

Go easy
Remember most people aren’t nightmare housemates – we all behave badly from time to time, especially when we’re under pressure. Try to ease the breakup by setting a realistic move-out date so they have plenty of time to find a replacement housemate.

Don’t do it drunk
Don’t wait ‘til you’re so wound up you can’t think straight and 100% don’t do it by text or, that eternal housemate communication tool, the Post-It note on the fridge.


The biggest weapon you have is communication. Most issues can be avoided by simply talking (preferably before your housemate moves in) so you’re both clear on what’s expected. If your expectations are wildly different it’s inevitable one of you will have an issue at some stage.

Keep talking throughout living together. If there are issues, sit down with a drink and chat about them – don’t wait ‘til you’re so angry you can’t even look at each other.

There you have it – our best advice. What would your advice be to anyone needing to break up with their housemates? Have you had a bad housemate breakup? Tell us about it – either in the comment section below or on twitter.