Flatmates not cleaning up after themselves? Here’s a handy solution

Living in a flatshare can be fun, sociable and affordable. Unfortunately it can also be a source of headaches, particularly when it comes to arguments about cleaning.

When we surveyed the SpareRoom community about annoying flatshare habits recently, flatmates who don’t clean up after themselves came close to top of the list. If your flatshare doesn’t have a cleaner as standard, it can be a constant source of anguish, especially if one of the flatmates feels they’re doing more than their fair share to keep the place hygienic.

Could Mop be the answer to your cleaning woes? Our friends at MOP (www.wearemop.com) are making house cleaning super simple with an online booking service for trusted, pre-checked cleaners, with no commitment to a contract. All cleaners are interviewed, reference checked, and given a cleaning test before they start to work for Mop and there’s an insurance policy in place to cover your property and liability too, giving you complete peace of mind.

Mop just covers London for now, but is planning a country-wide expansion later this year. To keep things affordable, Mop is offering SpareRoom users a £10 discount for your first booking. Book now using code SPAREROOM to get your discount – and get a trusted cleaner online in under 60 seconds.