Rent – you can’t give it away (really!)

You may have noticed that the winners page for our Live Rent Free competition hasn’t been updated this month. That’s because we haven’t been able to get hold of the person who won yet! If you’ve been a SpareRoom user for a while you may remember this isn’t the first time we’ve had trouble giving away money – in 2009 we almost didn’t manage to give away a whole year’s rent due to an over-zealous spam filter! The current prize is one month’s rent, so will be considerably less, but I’d hate to think the person who won will miss out.

The winner gave their name as Benjamin and we suspect he’s in York (based on the email address). We’ve sent 3 emails so far with no response so if you know a Benjamin in York who entered the competition you might want to get them to check their emails, just in case it’s them.