SpeedRoommating hailed as one of ’60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012′

AGBeat.comAs you probably know by now SpareRoom.com launched in New York last year. As part of the launch we’ll be holding our first SpeedRoommating event in NYC on January 11th. SpeedRoommating is the US equivalent of our popular London SpeedFlatmating events – over 10,000 people attended a London event in 2011.

The events are already picking up some media attention. AOL covered the move to NY in December and this week AGBeat.com listed SpeedRoommating as one of ’60 Genius Brands to watch out for in 2012′. Given that the list includes Apple and Google+ we’re pretty happy about that!

Hopefully the New York events will attract as many people as the London ones – there’s every reason to suspect they could. We’ll be over in New York launching the events next week so will report back when we return. SpeedRoommating

Taking in a lodger #5 – Placing an ad as a way of testing the water

So you’ve done some research and considered what it is you want from a lodger. Now it’s time to place an ad. You may be thinking ‘But I’m not ready to advertise my room just yet’, and that’s fine. Advertising your room can be incredibly useful though as it can tell you several things you can only guess at otherwise:

  • Will anyone want my room? – Advertising can help you work out how many (and what sort of) people are likely to be interested
  • Am I charging the right amount? – If your room is too cheap (or too expensive) it’s worth finding this out so you can make adjustments
  • Is my ad any good? – You may well find you end up tweaking your ad as you go. The responses you get will give you an idea what you might not be saying that you should
  • How to deal with enquiries – Learning how to communicate with prospective lodgers can hep you get the kind of information out of them that’ll tell you whether they’re suitable or not

Of course, we wouldn’t suggest anyone puts up an ad if they’re not planning to rent out a room as that would just waste people’s time. However, advertising sooner rather than later gives you plenty of time to meet several people and find the right fit.