New book – Wage Slave to Financial Freedom

WStFFWe deal with quite a few professional landlords on a regular basis. Some of them are the most switched on, savvy people we know. We were delighted to discover that one of them, Neil Mansell, has written a book about his experiences of investing in property. Neil’s always been very good to us, encouraging and supportive when we get things right, quick to point out when we don’t, so we’re happy to be able to feature his book here and return the favour.

Here’s the info:

Wage Slave to Financial Freedom

‘Wage Slave to Financial Freedom’ is an easy to read, inspirational and knowledge packed book for all budding property investors and even those that are already investing in property but might want to learn from another investor who shares their own journey through the last 5 years including the Credit Crunch of 2008/09 when so many people involved in the property market got caught out but Neil managed to survive and even thrive during that time.

Whilst the book is very much about Neil’s property investment journey it includes many hints, tips and anecdotes that are applicable to many situations and therefore anyone that is looking to change their own personal or business circumstances and wants a shot of inspiration and learning to help them achieve their own goals then this book will no doubt form part of that process. Neil focuses on his journey and progress in the world of personal development and business development. You can’t have one without the other as the success of your own business is heavily reliant upon your own personal characteristics and it is vitally important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and recognise those in the people you work with as well.

The definition of financial freedom is something that many people don’t understand or get the wrong impression of. From Neil’s perspective, financial freedom is not about becoming a millionaire (although that may be your goal) but at the very basic level it is about being able to generate enough income from assets or investments that enable you to replace your salary from your day to day job. A key part of this process is to understand exactly what you living costs are and then work out what you need to earn to live. If this book opens your eyes to the possibilities around you and helps you do something different then it will have achieved its goal. Helping people to change their financial circumstances is a very powerful thing and the book ‘Wage Slave to Financial Freedom’ should help you on the way.

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Here are some reviews of the book:

“An inspiring account of an ordinary young man’s journey to financial freedom.  Everyone who reads this book will doubtless recognise the positive changes they can make to bring greater success to their own lives.”

Richard Alvin, Group Managing Director,
Capital Business Media

“I have known Neil for more than 15 years and have seen him develop immensely over that time.  He is an inspiration to both first-time property investors and seasoned professionals alike.  This book shows what can be achieved if you have a big enough drive to make change happen, as long as you follow the right systems and have a great support network in place.”

Steve Bolton, Founding Partner, Platinum Partners

Join us for a Guardian panel discussion on renting

From 12.30-1.30pm today we’ll be joining a panel, including experts from Citizens Advice and Countrywide, for a live rental discussion on The Guardian website. Tenants will be able to ask questions relating to their tenancies, landlords or simply how to go about finding somewhere to live in a crowded rental market.

For further details and to submit your question visit The Guardian website

Live Rent Free in September winner announced

SpareRoom’s Live Rent Free in September competition has been won by Tanne. Tanne lives in Vauxhall (SE11), so wins £567.66, according to SpareRoom’s Room Rental Index.

Tanne says:
“I’ve used SpareRoom a couple of times, and I have been entering the competion each month since last summer. I’m sharing with one other in Vauxhall at the moment, but until recently was living in a house of four girls in Fulham and found SpareRoom really useful for finding new flatmates each year. I’ve built up quite a number of entries – it’s so easy to click on the link in the email each month, but I never thought I’d actually win! The timing is perfect as my laptop has just broken so I will put the money towards a new one, and I am also going on holiday in a couple of weeks so it should fund a few nights out! ”

Don’t forget, for your chance to win a month’s rent enter now


SpareRoom and IKEA are looking for the UK’s most stylish flatshare

SpareRoom is looking for the UK’s most stylish house or flatshare with the chance to appear in LIVE – the homes and ideas magazine from IKEA FAMILY.

If you’ve used IKEA to give your home personality and style, you, your housemates and your home could star in an interiors photoshoot in a future edition of LIVE magazine.

Take a photo of each room and email to Don’t forget to include where you live, a bit about your household and most importantly, a list of your IKEA items!

To find out more visit

Here are a couple of recent photos of rooms featured in the magazine: