Another lucky Live Rent Free winner

Once more we have another winner for our Live Rent Free competition.

This month’s winner is Rachael who lives in Edinburgh and wins £351

Rachael says:
“It was a huge surprise when the e-mail arrived telling me I’d won and I’m still in shock about it. I always enter the competition as it only takes a minute to click on the link from the e-mail. I’ve found my past two flatmates on SpareRoom as the website was really easy to use and I got loads of responses. I’m going to Madrid this summer so this will make it an even better trip. ”

This month’s prize takes the total we’ve given away to £17,471.52 and it’s now 19-7 to the girls.

Rachael won with one of her loyalty awards, which you get if you enter the competition regularly. Fancy entering now and winning next month’s rent? Enter now (it’s free)

SpareRoom passes 2 million registered users

We’ve know in was coming for a while but we never like to take things for granted. Still, on Friday last week we hit the 2 million registered user mark. That’s pretty big numbers!

On top of that we’re now in the Hitwise/Experian top 10 UK property sites and are the 900th busiest wesite overall for UK traffic – 900th, out of…well, shedloads!

We’re really excited by this for obvious reasons but also because numbers this big make it easier for us to explain to the powers that be just how important shared accommodation is in the UK and how many people rely on it.

As I say, we never take these things for granted and we know that every one of that 2 million is an individual who has used SpareRoom to find a flatmate, a room, a tenant or a lodger and each will have their own story.

Thanks to every single one of you – we appreciate it.

Many thanks (2 million to be precise)

Matt & the SpareRoom team

Beta testers needed for our iPhone app

We’re currently working on updates for our iPhone app and it’s really useful for us to have a few people testing it as we go so we can get feedback (as well as access to logs if anything crashes). If you fancy becoming part of SpareRoom’s beta testing team for the app (as well as any future developments) simply click here. The signup process is quick and easy.

Testers will have the ability to send us feedback on the app so you can let us know how it works (and how you think it should work!)