Raise the Roof needs your MP’s support

Firstly, can I just take a moment to say a massive thank you to everyone who has signed the Raise the Roof petition, written to their MP or just been in touch to give us their support and let us know they’re backing the campaign. All of it is very much appreciated by everyone at SpareRoom and (I’m sure) all those in the UK who take in lodgers.

We now need your help once again! Paul Keetch (Liberal Democrat MP for Hereford) has tabled an Early Day Motion (or EDM) declaring support for the campaign and asking MPs to add their support by signing the motion. EDMs are a great way of seeing how much support exists within parliament for a given cause. Paul’s EDM (EDM 860) reads as follows:

Keetch, Paul
That this House congratulates the Raise the Roof campaign; believes it is important to ensure that there is sufficient reward for homeowners to rent out their spare room in these difficult economic times; calls on the Government to increase the tax threshold on renting out spare rooms from £4,250 to £9,000; believes that the change in the tax threshold would help more homeowners to avoid arrears and repossession through the extra income obtained; points out that almost 60 per cent. of the income from all spare room rentals in the United Kingdom is above the current tax threshold; and calls on the Government to implement this scheme forthwith.

Obviously the more signatures the EDM gets the better so please, please (I’ll say it once more), please do take a minute to write to your MP and ask them to sign, even if you’ve already written to them about this. You can write to your MP online (even if you don’t know who they are).

All we ask is that you mention 2 things in your email or letter:

  1. The EDM’s number which is 860 – this makes it easier for your MP to find it without trawling through lists
  2. That Raise the Roof is supported by Shelter and the National Landlords’ Association – this shows that there is support from recognised and respected authorities

Thank you all once again, we’re starting to get ourselves heard and your help makes this possible. Finally if you haven’t signed the petition….

OK, I’ll leave you alone now.



Raise the Roof is raised in the house

Two bits of good news on the Raise the Roof campaign today.

Firstly, we’re pleased to be able to announce that an EDM (Early Day Motion) in support of the campaign has been tabled by Paul Keetch. For those who don’t know what an EDM is (I didn’t until recently) it’s a means by which MPs can voice their support for an issue as a means of gauging how much interest there is in the house. Read more about EDMs.

Secondly, housing minister John Healy took part in a live webchat on the No.10 website today so we took the opportunity to raise the campaign with him and bring it to his attention once more.

You can help raise awareness further by writing to your MP to ask them to sign the EDM.

More news will follow.



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  • Our regular HMO column HMO Sapient

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