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12 home buys for autumn

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Sad fact: summer’s over. But it doesn’t have to be a miserable time. With the leaves turning crisp and temperatures dropping you’ve got every excuse to update your interior and make your home warmer, cosier and more autumnal. Forget garden furniture and bright accessories, and bring in the cosy rugs and soft throws – you won’t ever want to go outside again…

1. The leopard vase


In case you missed it, animal print. Is. Everywhere. Jump on the trend with these quirky leopard vases that will have you feeling like the king (or queen) of the jungle. Top tip: hang the leopard head on your kitchen wall and fill with soil for a unique twist on an indoor herb garden.

2. The fish carafe


Colder weather = less incentive to go out = more indoor entertaining. Move your beer garden drinks inside and impress your mates with this super sophisticated glass fish carafe, the perfect vessel for water... (who are we kidding, we mean wine).

3. The rounded mug


They say size doesn’t matter… except when it comes to mugs. When you’re snuggled up on the sofa on a Sunday night, the last thing you want is to get to the end of your hot chocolate feeling short changed. Invest in one of these stoneware mugs to instantly update your hot drink game. Plus the rounded shape = a lot of hand warming potential.

4. The glass jars


Living sustainably has never been more important, and one of the best ways to do this is to cut back on plastic consumption. Swap the single-use packaging from supermarkets for loose groceries (without packaging) and store them in these glass jars from the storage gods at Ikea. Not only are they good for the environment, they’ll also give your kitchen an instant Marie Kondo organised vibe.

5. The wooden towel rack


Hanging towels on a radiator is, like, so last year. Pop them on this wooden towel ladder instead for some Scandi bathroom chic. Plus, with enough rungs for every housemate, you’ll no longer have to endure those passive aggressive ‘who-got-makeup-on-my-white-towel??’ texts.

6. The sparkly glasses


We’re obsessed with just about everything that sparkles and these glasses are no exception. With a subtle gold lustre effect, they’ll add a touch of glitter to your dining table without being garish. AND they come with matching wine and flute glasses - it’s pretty much a no brainer.

7. The tropical wall art


Not ready to give up the summer vibes just yet? This colourful swimming pool print will give your living space an instant tropical injection even if the weather outside is telling a different story. Plus, buying from sellers on Etsy helps support independent businesses, so you can feel good about your purchases too.

8. The faux fur blanket


Is there anything a super soft blanket can’t solve? Feeling ill? Wrap yourself in blanket. Hard day at work? Wrap yourself in blanket. Just checked your end of month bank balance? Blanket it is. This ultra cosy Zara blanket fits the bill perfectly.

9. The lightning bolt lamp


Make a statement with this striking lightning bolt bulb, perfect for brightening up your living room when the shorter winter days arrive. Pair with a grey concrete base for industrial-chic vibes.

10. The hand-painted bowl


Is there any better self care than curling up in front of the TV with a big bowl of pasta? We think not. Pack your penne into these brightly coloured hand-painted ones from Urban Outfitters, sit back, relax and enjoy.

11. The retro telephone


Now, we know that landline usage may not necessarily be on the rise… but what this retro rotary dial phone lacks in practicality it definitely makes up for in aesthetics. Add this iconic piece to your hallway for a 60s feel – and prepare for guests to marvel at your excellent taste.

12. The velvet cushion


Combining two of our favourite interior trends - velvet and jewel colours - this magic garden-inspired cushion is the ultimate autumnal addition to your living room. The best part? Ikea ensure that all their cotton is either recycled or made using less water and pesticides than normal, so you can be sure you’re doing your bit to help the environment.

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